We Live In The Worst Timeline - Retrowave Edition

This design is a pop culture reference to the multiverse theory. 

The days followed one another patiently. Right back at the beginning of the multiverse they had tried all passing at the same time, and it hadn't worked.
-Terry Pratchett

Pop culture and science fiction are often the inaccurate bridges to our understanding of complex scientific theories. Here are 3 of the wildest time machines to represent that link. I'm aware time travel and the multiverse theory are only loosely connected, it felt apropos to the Retrowave design that I accidentally started when trying to work on one of the other editions. I've included a Time-travelling DeLorean as a reference to 'Back to the Future', a Police phone box as a reference to 'Doctor Who', and an antique Time Sled that references H.G. Wells story 'The Time Machine.'

This might be the worst timeline, but at least you can get a cool shirt or mug with this design on it.