We Live In The Worst Timeline - Calligraphy Edition

This design is a reference to the multiverse theory.

The multiverse hypothesis proposes that there are parallel and alternate timelines exist in an infinitum of universes that branch and intertwine from our own. If true, I think you'll agree this is the worst one.

This design represents the woven nature of the multiverse, while signalling that we are all exhausted with the absolute nonsense going on in the world today - the consequences of ignoring climate change for decades, internet drama, conspiracy theories run rampant, political divisiveness... the list of absolute balderdash we accept as our reality is intolerable. Resign yourself to the simple truth: We live in the worst timeline. 

This design also represents one of my first forays back into completely hand-drawn typography, something I haven't done in decades. It's a little rough, but so is this timeline.