House of Johnson & Johnson Vaccination Collection

Bear your House Shield!

It's time to stand up and unite as Vaccinated Houses! Tell the world you're proudly vaccinated by taking on the heraldry of your House with this collection. Fight back against the hordes of those that choose to remain unvaccinated!

These designs are custom-made and handdrawn by Dan Simon (@march1studios), incorporating the brands colours and iconography from the state or nation where the companies headquarters are located.

House Johnson & Johnson

House Johnson & Johnson's Coat of Arms includes the Honey Bee and Violets from New Jersey's state iconography. The design is featured in red and black, colours consistent with the Johnson & Johnson brand. The latin phrase means "The disease cannot kill me." Only one syringe is included to represent the single shot. 

*March1Studios is in no way associated with vaccines or the pharmaceutical companies making them. This apparel does not constitute proof of vaccination is only to be used for entertainment purposes.