Get Mad & Fight Back

"Keep Calm And Carry On" was a poster originally produced by the British Ministry of Information in 1939.

Though millions of the posters were produced, few were actually distributed before the first Blitz of WWII. Rediscovered in 2000, it has been reissued as a reminder of the Victorian belief in the British 'stiff upper lip': stocism, discipline, and remaining calm in adversity.

But here and now, the enemies we face are not outside agitators. They conflicts we face are within. Systemic racism. Disinformation. Corruption. Wealth Inequality. Sexism. Corruption. Pollution. We can't keep carrying on. The status quo is no longer acceptable.

Black Lives Matter. Trans Rights are Human Rights. Punch Nazis. Be Anti-fascist. Be Anti-racist. Hack the planet. It's time to get mad. It's time to fight back.