Beer Drinkers Union

Join the Beer Drinkers Union and make your beer drinking establishment better today. Combine your voice with the millions of Beer Drinkers across the world. Together, we live and drink in thousands of communities across the world.

By joining the union, you gain the advantage of becoming an important part of the brewing industries leading and most progressive Beer Drinkers rights and social justice organization.

BDU members work in a wide variety of industries, including retail stores, warehouses, healthcare, food processing, retirement homes, pharmaceuticals, meat packing, hotels, security, restaurants, community services, banking, building maintenance, clothing, textile, municipal government and many others.

It is this diversity of membership that gives BDU its strength. We are not dependent on a small handful of industries, as some unions are. Whatever is happening with the economy, we remain strong. By joining the union and becoming a member of BDU, you can always count on being represented, whether your drinking establishment is a small establishment or a large transnational corporate chain.