The Octogorgon by Fiona, age 6

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It’s monster monday and we’ve got a doozy! This spawned from the masterful mind of fiendish Fiona, age 6. Let me introduce you to the three-eyed, two-headed Octogorgon!

It’s essentially a two-headed octopus with two clawed tentacles and a nasty bite! At first, I thought it was two headed, three eyed snake-haired lady with tentacle legs, as the Gorgons of ancient greek mythology were snake-haired ladies.

Which might have made for a pretty interesting monster that I might keep in the vault and do a version of that at a later date. But this monster is pure monster – nothing human or anthropomorphic here. This thing is, as her father told me, is NASTY.


I didn’t get too much description beyond that, so allow me to show you the original artwork without further delay: Octogorgon by Fiona

Octogorgon original art by Fiona, age 6


Curly horns! Tentacles! Three eyes on each of it’s two heads. There was a lot going on with this one, so it took me a bit of time to get all the detailing right. I’m not sure if I’m 100% happy with how I worked the tentacles out, but it’s close to what I wanted to achieve, and I think the combination of the line work and the stippling gives this a nice texture to it. 

Octogorgon ReMonstered!

Octogorgon ReMonstering comparison


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