ReMonstered: Wrecker the Robot by Ignatius, Age 5

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Ignatius, age 5, was the second to send in a ‘monster’ – a robot by the name of ‘Wrecker’. Wrecker is pretty decked out. Ignatius spared no expense when constructing his pod of destruction. 

Wrecker the Robot original drawing

Wrecker Description:

Here’s the description I was given with his drawing:

  • robot monster named “Wrecker”.
  • teeth, nose, eyes
  • robot system on stomach
  • gun on arm
  • axe on arm
  • pickaxe on arm
  • lots of wires coming out of it
  • throwing pick arm – throws out and attaches, then comes back
  • hypnotism leg with a spiky wrecking ball hanging from it
  • laser stick leg
  • he can turn into anything
  • he’s the size of a piece of paper, but he can be any size
  • he could be the size of an elephant
  • he could be the size of the universe

Unlike sky robot monster, I didn’t need to gesture out to find the monster within the drawing – Iggy gave me a pretty good framework and an intense description to work with.

Wrecker Process 

 Step 1: Place on CanvasStep 2: Doodling out ideasStep 3: Doodling, trying to figure out the layoutStep 4: Redraw the sketch based on the experimentsStep 5: Start Inking the bodyStep 6: Start Inking the armsStep 7: Add the stomach gears and computersStep 8: adding more little arms.Step 9: MOAR ARMSStep 10: Altered the outlines to a golden brown colourStep 11: Adding base colour - construction yellowStep 12: Adding more colour - the blade metals.Step 13: Adding metallic highlightsStep 14: adding lights and laser colours!

Wrecker Final 

 Wrecker the Robot ReMonstered

ReMonster Submission Tip

If you’re going to sit your kids down for an art session with the aim of submitting to Monster Mondays, don’t feel like you have to use the word monster. You can encourage your kids to draw an imaginary creature, a fantastical pet, a helpful robot, a space animal, or mashup animals. I’ve only called it Monster Monday because of the alliteration. I want all kids to feel they can submit something – so let their imaginations run wild. Let me know in the comments what kind of questions you ask your kids to get them to imagine fantastic creatures!

Wrecker the Robot ReMonstering Comparison


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