ReMonstered: The Firelord by Shyam, age 8 and Shivam, age 5

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This is the end of ReMonster – for now. Call this Series 1. I have some other passion projects I want to work on. I may return to this, I may draw some more monsters just for the fun of it, but this will be the last one I do for a bit. And it’s the perfect one. Shivam worked with his older brother Shyam, who’s 8, to create the absolute perfect finale for Series 1: The Firelord.

What I’ve found interesting about the monsters is that a lot of the kids have created creatures that are friendly, protective, or helpful. Some of them have been hungry, or scary. One is even ‘nasty‘. But most of the monsters are seemingly benign, others ‘fight bad guys’ – it’s probably the thing I find most interesting about this project. Kids don’t always think of monsters as things to be feared – only creatures that are unique, animalistic – I think a lot of times they fill in a niche in their imagination, something akin to the way we dream. It seems to be a collection of things they experienced recently, top of mind, contained in a creature. Except this one.

The Firelord is our first true villain. And that’s awesome. If I was making a show or a book with these monsters, the Firelord would be the main guy. He might be the one that makes Fireball. Lavahead might be his pet. He might release The Octogorgon on other monsters. Either way – he’s the big bad.


The Firelord orginal concept art by Shivam and Shayam

This is a combo effort between Shivam (5) and Shyam (8). I think Shivam was the main artist here – he definitely has a style going there. Quick note: The original name of this monster was ‘Fireball’, but being that we already had one of those, we decided that ‘Firelord’ was a better fit. Here’s what we know about the Firelord: The Firelord lives in volcanoes (SEE? GREAT VILLAIN!). He is literally fire. Very ferocious. He’s a bad guy.


I tried to stick pretty close to the original – just teased the details out.

The Firelord ReMonstered!

How do you think it adds up to the original?

The Firelord ReMonstering comparison


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