ReMonstered: Sam the Slime by Lily, age 8

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Sadie's older sister Lily, who's 8 submitted a lovely friendly monster as well! Sadie is quite the creative firecracker, and I really love her submission. Some of my favourite monsters to draw are silly and simple ones like this one here. One of the best things about kids monsters is how often they're friendly, not really scary. 

Sadie's original drawing is pretty fantastic, so I'm eager to show it to you. So let's check out Sam the Slime!

Sam the Slime Original

Sam the Slime by Lily, age 8

Sam is a friendly little goober, and I think Sadie did an amazing job conveying that. Her colour work is amazing, and I LOVE those eyes! From what she tells me, Sam is very friendly (he OOOZES friendliness!). Sam leaves slime trails where he goes, and weirdly, he eats his own slime. I mean, I shouldn't judge - that seems pretty eco-friendly.

I felt like I really wanted to up the ante on Sams slimyness, and pay particular homage to those eyes and the colours. How do you think I did?

Sam the Slime ReMonstered

Sam the Slime ReMonstered


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