ReMonstered: Riptide by Cameron, age 8

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This one, I think is my most ‘monstrous’ one to date, and I hope Cameron, who’s 8, likes it. This was from his imagination and original artwork, and I gotta tell you, I was pretty excited when I got his (and his brother’s, who’s next weeks) submissions.

These boys are really good at coming up with monsters. I think what I loved most about this one is that it’s partially aquatic, and it gave me an open-ended opportunity to play a little bit with light and colour, and also the body positioning. I really wanted this one to be dynamic.

This is Riptide. Cameron was really detailed about his monster – he’s got everything in there, from powers and abilities right down to his food preference.


Riptide Original artwork by Cameron, age 8Riptide description by Cameron

  • There’s a lot to go through here:
  • Eats Chicken Fingers and Fishsticks and fish
  • Favourite type of fish is pike
  • can see underwater, and swim
  • can breathe underwater and on land
  • makes big waves with his tail
  • has a poisonous bite
  • can make earquakes by smashing his tail on the ground
  • he picks his nose
  • his bogeys are chicken fingers
  • has webbed feet and huge claws for spearing fish
  • he can hypnotise with his eyes.

Did you catch that? He likes to eat chicken fingers – but also he picks his nose and his bogeys are chicken fingers. So basically, Riptide eats his own boogers.

As much fun as that version would have been to draw, I really glommed on to the fact that it could breathe underwater, loves to fish for pike, and had all of these awesome informative features. Things like ‘hypnotic eyes’ and ‘poisonous bites’ and ‘tails that can make big waves’ actually inform a lot about the structure of the monster for me.

Stuff like that means focusing on how those things come together, and how they might accomplish those features. So, for example, a tail that makes big waves is going to have to be big, and fin like. Combine that with the drawing, and I used eels as inspiration for the design here.

Poisonous bite? Snakes, so I gave him large incisors for venom delivery. Things like that make a big difference in what I see in each monster. So, without further ado:


Riptide ReMonstered!

Riptide ReMonstering Comparions


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