ReMonstered: Rex by Nate, age 5

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Oh boy! Another monster! Who’s this?

This is Rex.

Rex is another creation of my little friend Nate, who’s 5. He was having so much fun creating monsters, he sent me two! And this little monster creator got really creative with his second monster. He didn’t just send me a drawing, he sent me a sculpture! It’s play-doh on paper, which I think is pretty ingenious.

Keep in mind submissions for ReMonstered is open to everyone and in any medium – check out my facebook page for more details. Check out his original artwork and description!


Rex Original ArtRex Original Description

The description reads:

Name: Rex

Eats: Ketchup

Lives: In haunted houses with bats, zombies and vampires

I love the simplicity of this one. It’s pretty straight forward, so I had a little room to play around with it and turn the interesting things into features.

I wasn’t sure if Nate had intended for the stomach and the head to be hollow donut like shapes. But, that’s what I thought made this monster super interesting looking. In my imagination his extended mouth is perfectly shaped for opening ketchup bottles. Here’s the finished result: 


Rex ReMonstered

Rex ReMonstering Comparion


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