ReMonstered: Red Colossus Testudine by Shivam, age 5

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A day late. My apologies to all, but especially Shivam – who drew me a really awesome turtle monster. Shivam is five, and he was really excited to draw this. I had some other work and then had to be away from my desk for last night and part of today, and I couldn’t get the drawing done by the time I had to go last night. But, here it is now.

Meet The Red Colossus Testudine. The name was a collaborative effort. The concept is all Shivam though. It’s another giant turtle like creature, but a little different. 


Shivam's original drawing of his turtle monster

Shivam told me that this is a Turtle monster. It lives in the ocean and on land – so no flying for this big guy. It eats fish and ‘turtle food’. I think when you’re this big, whatever you want become’s turtle food. He can swim really fast. And – you might be thinking – a big red shell like that, he’d stick out like a sore thumb! Not so. In the sun, he turns invisible. Don’t let his rocky, scaly appearance fool you. He’s generally a pretty friendly monster, but he’s ferocious to bad guys.


So in my version, I tried to figure out how to make a turtle monster monstrous. While ‘Fred the Giant Laser-Eyed Turtle’ was based mostly on a sea turtle, I mixed it up a bit with Red Colossus. I decided that the yellow appendages in Shivams drawings were his ‘swimming gear’ – a fishy like tail, and sea turtle like fins. And those three extra limbs help with the fast swimming. I’m guessing their lighter coloured because they’d only come out when it’s in the water. The legs, being blue and green, are more land oriented legs – I based them and the snout on a regular snapping turtle. The shell is based roughly on the Alligator snapping turtle.

The Red Colossus Testudine ReMonstered


What do you think?

The turtle monster ReMonstering comparison


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