ReMonstered: Rawr by Nate, age 5

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Another Monster Monday, and another Monster! Five year old Nate sent in his masterful creation: Rawr. Nate and his younger brother both sat down to draw up some monsters for me and you’ll those in the coming weeks. Nate had quite a few things that needed mentioning:


  • Rawr because he likes to scare people
  • Lives in walls and can punch his way out
  • Invisible
  • Eats people after he scares them, with his extenda arms
  • There was also follow up instructions: Nate needed me to know that the eyes are glued on.

Here’s the awesome drawing of ‘Rawr’ from Nate: 

Nate's drawing of Rawr

The decription of Rawr written down by Nate's mom 


Nate gave me a lot to work with here. I really wanted to capture the ‘extenda arms’ in a certain way, so that they look strong enough to punch through a wall, but elastic enough to extend. I also wasn’t sure if when Nate mentioned the glued on eyes, whether or not he was just talking about the drawing, or the actual monster. I went with the latter. Because why is a monster gluing his eyes on? I don’t know, but it’s kind of awesome. Maybe Nate will tell us.

Step 1: Place reference on the canvasStep 2: Start doodling out the conceptsStep 3: Resketch the full conceptStep 4: Ink the outlinesStep 5: Wasn't happy with the result, so redrew a little tighter.Step 6: Added Colour

Rawr Final!

Rawr Final Artwork

Rawr ReMonstering Comparison


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