ReMonstered: Rainbow Belly Robot by Sadie, Age 4

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Our second monster for series 2 of ReMonstered comes from the adorable mind of Sadie, who's 4. Her mom has been one of my biggest supporters and boosters, and both of her kids are heckin' cute. Sadie didn't disappoint with her Robot Monster, who also goes by 'Tiger'. I opted for the original Rainbow Belly Monster for the title because it's cuter and much more descriptive, but I think it's important to know that it has multiple designations.

I wish I could show you the videos I was sent for the description of the monster (and the reaction video), but I don't share those types of things for privacy reasons. You know, the internet is the internet, and I wouldn't want that kind of thing to be scooped up and corrupted. But trust me, it's freaking adorable.

Here's the original artwork, and a summary of the description below:

Rainbow Belly Original Artwork by Sadie

Original Drawing by Sadie, Age 4

Look at that structure! Look at those colours! Sadie has a clear vision, and that made my job here really easy. I knew exactly what i wanted to do as soon as I saw it. But you should know a little more about Tiger. According to Sadie:

  • He eats glass and plants all day.
  • He likes to lie in the grass.
  • He destroys people. No, wait. He destroys other robots that destroy people.
  • He's friendly, but he doesn't like people.

This robot might be a reluctant people protector, and perhaps a bit isolated, but it seems to mainly be a menace to greenhouses! I imagine that he's a pretty big robot - he's got a pretty bulky body and really big arms with tiny legs, so I wanted to really highlight the 'rainbow belly'. I wanted it to GLOW. 

This gave me the opportunity to play with some halftone brushes to do so. I also wanted to be as true as I could to the original colours, but avoid a garish standard rainbow against the orange of the main body. So I pulled the original colours, played with them a bit to bring up their vibrancy, and I think we've got a pretty friendly looking, glass and plant eating, robot with a rainbow belly.

Rainbow Belly Monster ReMonstered

ReMonstered Rainbow Belly Robot by March1Studios

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