ReMonstered: Puppystein by Skylar, Age 8

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It's back, by demand.

Back in 2016, I started a series I originally called "Monster Mondays" - kids ages 3-9 sent me their monster ideas and drawings, and I'd redraw it for them, in my style. Sort of my way of making their art come alive.

It was a way for me to practice drawing weird things, to challenge my abilities, and hone them a little bit. It was a way of fuelling up my own creative flow by tapping into the unbridled imaginations of kids. And I hope that, in some way, it helps the kids I'm doing art for realize that they've got some awesome ideas that are tons of fun to make into things.

I did 20 of them, and then stopped, and kind of forgot about it. But one little girl didn't forget. Both of her older brothers submitted and got their monster ideas done: Fireball and Hawktopus. And she's been plotting and planning ever since. 

And unprompted, she (via her mother) reached out, and asked if she could submit to Monster Mondays. And then she showed me what she did. And... well, how could I say no?

So I'm starting a new series of monsters inspired by kids - but I'm redubbing it "ReMonstered" because it's far more clever than "Monster Mondays" and frankly I'm kicking myself for not thinking of it years ago. 

So, to kick off the first of ReMonstered Series 2, I give you Puppystein, by Skylar, age 8. Thanks for bringing me back, Skylar. I've got four more submissions in the hopper that I'll be releasing each Monday, and room in the queue for more. Where will series 2 stop? 10? 20? we'll see.


Puppystein Original Art

Looks cute right? Don't be fooled. That's intentional, and not just a byproduct of Skylar's adorableness, or just a style side-effect. This is a very nasty monster, and its cuteness is part and parcel of its insidiousness. According to Skylar, Puppystein has the following traits:

  • It's like Frankenstein but it tricks people because it looks like a cute puppy.
  • When it's left alone, it poison's people's food.
  • It has blood dripping off it's bolts.
  • It can stand on two feet and walk like Frankenstein.

You see? The cuteness makes this new monster PERFECT for the ReMonstered kickoff. My version is a little different - I wanted to play up the 'Frankenstein's Monster' motif and have this thing clearly stitched together from different dogs and creatures. I decided the puppy head was a concious choice, and probably attached to something much more vicious. And despite the fact it can stand and walk like Frankenstein, I felt something a little more action-y suited this monstrosity. 

So, what do you think? Do you think I've captured the Puppystein spirit?


Puppystein ReMonstered

Now you can get Puppystein on shirts, mugs and MORE! 


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