ReMonstered: Lavahead by Blake, age 6

Posted by Dan Simon on

The hottest monster is here! Lavahead comes from the incredible mind of my little buddy Blake, who's six. He even sent me a little video explaining his monster drawing that he did *just for me*. I’m not going to share the video for obvious reasons, but it was really heartwarming.

And, I love his monster. Without further ado, here’s Blake’s drawing!


Lavahead original drawing by Blake, age 6

Blake’s drawing is a lot more detailed than mine. He included the cave that lavahead lives in, trees, and sky. He also told me that Lavahead has a big fat belly, a horn on his head, and a bashy thing on his head as well. And, the most important feature, his big tail that he can whip stuff with. And watch out, cause Lavahead looks grumpy!


Lavahead by Blake, ReMonstered!

Lavahead ReMonstering comparison


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