ReMonstered: Hawktopus by Raine, age 6

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Holy crap, this is my favourite one that I’ve done so far. Don’t get me wrong, I love all of these drawings, and I’m super grateful to all of the kids that have submitted their ideas for robots and creatures. But when you get one called ‘Hawktopus’ and it’s a freaking robot, you know you’ve got some pure Monster Monday gold. Hawktopus is from the enthusiastic mind of Raine, who is six. He submitted his along with his brother Chase’s Fireball.


Hawktopus Original

Already, you can tell this is going places. There is a lot going on here. Raine left it all here on the page. But here’s his description:
  • He has a head, one eye, 15 arms, 9 legs and a big metal green body.
  • And eyebrows.
  • And shoulder pads with spikes and fire on the spikes.
  • And a force field that can protect him from evil. He can spread all of this arms and legs out.
  • He can fly and is super strong. He has heat-ray vision from his one eye.
  • And his legs can twist all around.
  • He doesn’t like anything.
  • And his hands can shoot fire.
  • His feet have rocket boots.

That’s a pretty intense monster. I decided we’d go full robot in there, and I reinterpreted ‘arms’ a little bit, but I think I’ve captured the essence of what Raine was trying to lay out here. It took me awhile though. I went through a few drafts, and for some reason I was starting with a 3/4 view, and nothing was feeling right.

Hawktopus Draft Work

I really wanted to capture the hawk and octopus feeling from the name, while trying to stay true to the description and drawing as best I could. So I added a beak feature, and turned the ‘arms’ into ‘wing’ structures that still could act like arms and hands, and the legs are basically octopus like legs.


So, I went back to the source material, and decided I’d do it as a full on front view with a little bit of perspective to it. I think it came out pretty well:

Hawktopus Final Artwork

How do you think we did here?

Hawktopus ReMonstering Comparison


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