ReMonstered: Friend Monster by Charlie, age 5

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ReMonster is back! Coming back to you with a hold over from last year – Friend Monster, by Charlie. He was five at the time (He’s six now.) Charlie’s monster is unique in one very particular way: He has a job.

You see, Friend Monster isn’t *just* a monster. He’s a POLICE monster. Now, while I’m sure that there are many similarities between a regular police officer and a monster police officer, Charlie was very specific about what Friend Monster does – he helps monsters who need friends.

Now, I’m not sure if that means that he helps monsters find the friends they already have – which is a possibility because monsters do tend to live in non-traditional housing that might not have addresses. Or it could mean that he helps monsters find new friends – which is also a possibility, because let's be honest, it’s gotta be hard for some monsters to make friends. I think it’s both.

I also think it’s pretty sweet.


Friend Monster by Charlie, age 5

Charlie describes him thusly:

  • Likes to play And watch tv
  • Likes ice cream – birthday cake
  • Is a police officer monster
  • helps those who needs friends


I really tried to extrapolate what this monster looked like here and flesh it out. I saw the shape of the head as being very bird-like – owly to be more specific. That kind of informed the rest of the illustration. I figured a monster that liked to eat ice cream and birthday cake probably was a bit soft around the belly. But with big hands, a furry carapace and a round tummy, he probably gives good hugs.

Friend Monster ReMonstered!

Would you hug this monster?

Friend Monster ReMonstering Comparison


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