ReMonstered: Fireball by Chase, age 5

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I wanted to get this one done before I headed out on a vacation, but I ran out of time. Only I was in transit that whole day. Anyways, on my first day back, once I’d taken care of some work duties and caught up on some admin stuff I sat down to get this done. I’ve gone through the messages and tweets I’ve gotten and my queue now extends to October. So let’s get back into it with Fireball, by Chase. He’s 5.


FIreball Original Drawing by Chase, age 5

He has one eye. He has power source legs, gripping hands, and fireballs. He has spikes on the sides of him. If people run into him, he does a power shield. And also, the fireballs could hit villains in the face. Pretty intense.

I have no idea what ‘power source legs’ are, and I stared at this amazing piece of artwork trying to figure out the legs and hands thing for a long time.

I’ll be honest, I don’t know if I quite captured it. I decided those wavy legs with the hands were possibly arms as well as legs, and figured if he was in battle mode he’d probably want to free those legs up with a bit of a jet pack, so I added that in there. I am impressed at the defensive redundancies – not only does he have a power shield, but if that fails: spikes. Totally awesome. Here’s what I came up with:


Fireball Final Art

What do you think?

Fireball ReMonstering Comparison


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