ReMonstered: Dragonnate by Maddox, age 5

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I’m a few days late on this one, and I want to send out my apologies to Maddox. He’s five. And this week’s Monster is his. And it’s awesome. Allow me to introduce you to his gnarly creation: Dragonnate. Maddox is Cameron’s little brother, the creator of Riptide!

Dragonnate Original Art and description


Just like Riptide, Dragonnate is no slouch.

  • Red and Gold
  • Eats Fish
  • He can fly and swim
  • has spikes on his back and tail
  • can eat a thousand fish a day
  • eats metal
  • huge wings
  • hides from monsters
  • shoots water, poison and fire from his mouth
  • gold comes out of his claws when he points them at the sun
  • he can see through metal

As you can see, Dragonnate is pretty much terrifying. It eats metal and it can see through it? A thousand fish a day? This is a big boi. I don’t know how he hides from other monsters being so big, but he does. And he makes gold? Crazy. He might give Riptide a run for his money. Hopefully those two monsters get along! 


Dragonnate ReMonstered!

I went for a more orangey-white colour in place of the gold here, but otherwise I’ve tried to stay true to the original artwork. What I love about the original art is that he’s got these big, chunky forearms, but his rear legs are skinny.

So I gave him an English Bulldog like stance with little big legs and big tough, muscly forearms. The wings in the drawing were pretty skinny, and I was sorely tempted to give him littler wings, but Maddox specified they were huge.

I also went for more of a rounded face. The spikes I went for a bony stegosaurus kind of feel to them. I’m not sure why, but for some reason this one has a ‘Disney’ feel to it that I didn’t really intend, but I’m happy with.

Dragonnate ReMonstering Comparison



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