ReMonstered: Cotton Candy Monster by Hunter, age 4

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Hunter, age 4, has come up with a particularly devious and nefarious creature of dark intents and monstrous proclivities. Allow me to introduce you to Cotton Candy, the Cotton Candy Monster. Who eats cotton candy. And he uses a cotton candy gun.

I’m sure you’re thinking: “What’s so unsettling about this? It’s an adoreable monster made of candy! It’s delightful and amusing!” No. No it is not. It is not adorable. It is terrifying. You need to think about that for a moment. It’s a monster made of candy – that in itself is pretty devious. Something so innocent and alluring as candy into a monster? It’s positively grim. or Grimm, even.

But think about it for a moment. The monster is made of, eats, and uses for ammunition, cotton candy. That’s unsettling on many levels. Imagine you replace ‘cotton candy’ with people, and maybe you’ll understand the depths of how horrifying this monster really is.

I’m just kidding!

Here’s the original drawing and description from Hunter:


Cotton Candy Monster Original art by Hunter, age 4Cotton Candy Monster Description

This drawing was a lot of fun to work on. I tried originally to capture the original colouring, but I found the orange a red a bit jarring with the idea of cotton candy. It was looking a bit weird. So I went for classic colouring – pink and blue. It was kind of fun to work on a monster that was a bit ‘fuzzier’ than the rest. I kind of hope some of the future submissions are of the more hairy and mammalian type!


Here’s the final drawing:

Cotton Candy Monster ReMonstered!

Cotton Candy Monster ReMonstering Comparison


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