ReMonstered: Blue Pencil Monster by Theo, Age 3

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Whew! This one has come in a little later than I would have liked. I had this all ready for noon, and then I screwed up and saved over the high resolution file with a lower resolution one. So I had to draw this one twice. Nate’s little brother Theo also submitted a monster – one without a name. But with one very specific feature – it lives in pencils. Blue ones, to be specific. So, I dub thee Blue Pencil Monster.

Blue Pencil Monster Original

Here’s Theo’s very illustrative drawing:

Blue Pencil Monster Original
Blue Pencil Monster Description

As you can see, it's a pretty expressive drawing with very few details to go off. But, It's gotta be pretty scary if it lives in a pencil and it can scare cars. I mean, let's be honest, scaring people is pretty easy. But scaring a car? Epic. Let's see what we can do here.

Blue Pencil Monster ReMonstering Process

Step 1: Place on CanvasStep 2: Start Sketching the doodleStep 3: Finalize InksStep 4: Add color!

Blue Pencil Monster Final

Blue Pencil Monster Final Art

What do you think?

Blue Pencil Monster ReMonstering Comparison


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